Sunday, 18 March 2018

I thought I was going mental

Dear readers,

Due to a number of health related issues my blog postings have been very infrequent. For the last few months, I was afraid my mind was going, the brain fog was just so bad.

What caused it? At first, I suspected the effect of radiation from wifi, a nearby cell tower and smart technology being installed by various neighbours. Then I looked up to the skies and saw what was going on there: criss cross geoengineering lines of barium, aluminium and nano technology. Strange fibers clinging to metal objects in  my garden, a silver grey impenetrable cloud cover overhead, weird globules of water sitting on the pavement as if the slabs were coated with Teflon... Toxins everywhere, I thought. I installed a water filter in case the tap water was making me ill. Then I went all lactose-gluten-sugar free in case my problems originated there. All to no avail. I was getting sicker and sicker. But I have figured it out now.

Natural News published an article about the drawbacks of almond milk. Seeds and nuts have a sprouting inhibition in the form of one or more chemicals like phytic acid, which can wreak havoc with our liver and immune system. I always soak rice and pulses, but never thought of soaking almonds to neutralise these natural anti-sprouting toxins. And I was drinking lots of 'healthy' almond milk! But once I cut out this unexpected culprit and detoxed with vitamin C and Bentonite, my head cleared and I started to feel healthy again. I had forgotten what it felt like! Oh bliss, to be able to read an article again without losing the thread in the first paragraph, to write coherent emails again and to climb the stairs without wishing for a coffin to lie down in - I'm back again, folks!

So give me a week or so to catch up on a backlog of other stuff, and check back again if you like. I've got so much to tell you!

Talk to you soon!


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