Monday, 11 June 2018

I am so happy with my new car

I bought a new car yesterday. Freedom at last! Now I can drive wherever I want, whenever I want. And be safe as well, because this car comes with a whole host of new services. I am so lucky.

Free Car Key Deposit
First of all, the dealer keeps my car keys for my own protection. This service is called MyKey. I have full control: I can pop into the dealership any time I want to collect the keys. This MyKey service is free, I don't have to pay anything. In addition, I have the freedom to block the dealers from giving the keys to other customers under the GlobalKey plan for Saving the Earth. Admittedly, it can be a bit tricky to locate the correct web page to remove my supposed consent, but I have full control.

Improvements Every Year!
They regularly update this wonderful free service for improved experience. At least once a year! If I want to change from no key sharing to opting in to GlobalKey Share again, I don't need to do anything - it's automatic! And if I want to stay opted out, all I would need to do is find the right web page again, give my mobile number and my Global ID again and tick the box after receiving the safety code on my mobile. And they make it so easy! They have a Customer Service phone number with a computerised chat function for standard questions relating to the improved and personalised service. This service is really really great, and best of all:  I am in control.

Full Control
The car comes with an Easy Locator Function. Should I ever forget where I parked it, all I need to do is to log in to secure MyCarLocation account, and hey presto! They can send me a message on my pre-registered mobile phone with a snapshot from the street camera nearest to where my car is. And a picture of where I am standing as I request this personalised-for-my-better-experience information. Again, I am in full control, because I can opt out from this service. This is so wonderful!

Opting Out: Sure. Easy.
Another feature is the valuable information the dealer now has on me: conversations that are recorded in my car, and facial recognition of anyone who has been in the car. I can re-live what great times I have had with my passengers, and enjoy our conversation again and post them on social media- this is great! Opting out here is not so easy, because it is tied in with the MyKey service. If I opt out, I won't have access to my car keys any more. So that's a tricky one.

But on the whole, I have never felt so free and in control. And safe! We are living in wonderful times. I am so happy with my new Ford Orwell.

Image source: Deviant Art

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