I come across many interesting tidbits and articles while I do my background research. It would be a shame to let these go to waste, so I have created some virtual desk space here for you to look over my shoulder and rummage through the piles.

For covenant related tidbits: see here 

Banks are introducing new ID technologies
They're so impatient to do away with the old system:
  • Santander Bank just introduced voice recognition into its mobile app for UK customers
  • In India, a new iris scan verifies customer's identities for banking purposes
  • Chatbots like the UK's Plum personal savings account assistant help people make their money transfers
ID problems for Venzuelans: ripe for an ID2020 intervention?
Venezuelans who want to leave their collapsing country are faced with an unforeseen problem: there are no materials left for new passports. The emergency looks like a tailor-made situation for the United Nations' ID2020 project. It is only a matter of time before we see Venezuela mentioned in their reports. ZeroHedge: As Millions Of Venezuelans Try To Flee The Country They Run Into A Problem

George Soros' Gullible Women
From G. Edward Griffin's Need To Know: Groups that organized last week's 'Day Without A Woman' march in Wasgington DC received $246 million from George Soros. (...) Critics belive that Soros is using women against Trump to build support for his one-world government.

Oh really. How original is that. Getting at the women and hijacking their emotions is the oldest trick in the Book. Women's Rights

Why are so many people sick and dying?

I follow Dr Jim Willie and his insights on currencies, banking, the economy and precious metals. In his interviews, he also shares a lot of information gathered by his circle of well placed contacts. At the 30:38 point of this interview, he talks about aluminium and benzene in our skies, who put it there and why, and what effect it has. Dr Willie was given this background information by one of his clients, a former ambassador who had been at the Paris Climate Conference where the purpose of 'chemtrails' or geoengineering was being discussed.

Click here to watch on YouTube
So what can we do to protect ourselves? Here are two factors to start you off on your own research:
  • The body reacts to harmful substances with inflammation. Natural remedies: raw garlic, lemon juice, cayenne pepper, ginger, apple cider vinegar, high doses vitamin C with some vitamin E. These are just my favourites, but there are many more. Just google them and see what you can find.
  • For removing toxins: Bentonite. 10 Bentonite clay benefits  or Zeolite
5 scoops of Bentonite with warm water in a small glass bottle. I sip it throughout the day.

The bright lights of publicity
"It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity. But the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march toward a world government.

These men aim to create a world system of financial control, in private hands, able to dominate the political system of each country, and the economic system of the world."

David Rockefeller 1991 speech

Banks getting in the way of tech business
Tech companies are the new global power players – building multi-billion dollar businesses that span the world, both in terms of customers and employees. They got there by moving fast and breaking things, not letting themselves be constrained by old models and ways of doing business. And now, banks are getting in their way. Businesses don't like that. Do corporate giants need banks?

What is financial inclusion? 
Financial inclusion or inclusive financing is the delivery of financial services at affordable costs to sections of disadvantaged and low-income segments of society, in contrast to financial exclusion where those services are not available or affordable. An estimated 2 billion working-age adults globally have no access to the types of formal financial services delivered by regulated financial institutions. For example, in Sub-Saharan Africa, only 24% of adults have a bank account even though Africa's formal financial sector has grown in recent years. Wikipedia

World Bank: getting central banks together for global financial inclusion
The World Bank Group is working with more than 20 countries to support the design or implementation of National Financial Inclusion Strategies or Action Plans.

How the Zuckerbergs are releasing millions for their new pet project: Facebook stocks
The Facebook stock split date has not been set, but it will happen. Shareholders will receive three shares of a new Class C share for every one share they currently own. Moneymorning

The Zuckerbergs and their pet projects
Child care, children's health, refugees, vaccines and Silicon Valley technology. What an interesting mix. They're big on Global Citizen too. Interesting when you consider that the United Nations is looking at the point of vaccination as the ideal moment to chip children who will become refugees in the future. Let's keep this link: Inside Philanthropy
Famous faces at the 2016 Global Citizen festival

Microsoft & others: blockchain alliance for businesses
A number of technological and financial organizations are reportedly joining forces to create a new computing system based on the network of Ethereum, a decentralized platform for applications that backs the popular digital currency Ether.

2017: The Year of the Evaporating Pension Funds
The ongoing theft within the pension funds on a daily basis by the banking cabal The Daily Coin

Chemtrails over my house
Chemtrails: vaccination from the sky
I can't verify all of the observations and interpretations on this website, but I could add plenty of my own. Not very scientific, I know, but enough material to start asking the right questions and to find some answers. This is one of the snippets I found during my search for vaccination delivery systems:
It's important to realize that the pharmaceutical companies are not working alone. They don't have the jets and other infrastructure, nor the authority, required to carry out an operation of this magnitude. This would take the federal government and the military working together. In my studies, I discovered that they do work together, so much so that they could be considered the same organization.

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