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The Woman in the Window: a hidden message on the new Euro note?

Have you seen the new series of Euro banknotes yet? They were released on the 4th April 2017. At first glance, the glossy new design on this 'Europa' series looks like an updated version of the original, where the mythical figure of Europa was riding a bull. On the new notes, the bull has disappeared and the goddess Europa is now looking from a window. There are other new features on the new bills that need explaining too (see the last paragraph of The Microchip), but this article will focus on the sign of the goddess in the window. What is the secret meaning of the woman in the window?

The Goddess With Many Faces
A little bit about Europa first: the goddess on the bull is a familiar theme to archaeologists. Ancient civilisations each had their own version  of the woman riding the beast, from the Sumerian goddess Inanna to Babylonian Ishtar and Isis in Egypt. The ancient Greeks and Romans knew her as Aphrodite and Venus, but the Sidonians in Phoenicia knew her as Europa - their Astarte temple was dedicated to her. Various tales and myths of this moon/earth goddess of sexuality have been blended through the ages, and her different aspects are known by different names, but this
Queen of Heaven can still be recognised by her features: her sky-blue robe, the moon under her feet, a wreath of stars and the lily (fleur-de-lys). These attributes refer to different characteristics of this multi-faceted goddess with the different names, but why was she sometimes depicted in a window? What did this position signify?
...the 'Woman at the Window' was an aspect of Inanna/Ishtar, whatever else she might have been. Her name was Kilili, and she was a minor Babylonian goddess. 'Kilili' probably meant 'Garlanded One'. The Sumerians called her Aba-shushu '(One) Who Answers (or Commands) from the Window'. Kilili was considered wise in the sense of 'skilled' or 'knowing': "You are Kilili, the wisest of the wise, who concerns herself in the matters of people." In this wisdom and also window-posing, she and Ishtar were alike: " a window of the house sits Ishtar"... Kilili was often invoked in incantations and litanies, where she was addressed as, for instance, "Kilili, the queen of the windows, Kilili, who leans into/from the windows."
Her Dark Side: Goddess of War
This Woman at the Window was not only revered for her powers over sex, fertility and nature, but she had a dark side too. Kilili/Ishtar/Europa was also the goddess of war:
Like Inanna, she is the goddess of fertility, love and war. Her cult was the most important one in Babylon and Ishtar  became under various names the most important Goddess of the Near-East and Western Asia. (emphases mine)
Very little is known about her warlike aspect, but there is one ancient manuscript that gives us a few intriguing clues: in the Bible, we find two accounts of highly placed women who took position in a window at times of war.

The Canaanite Priestess and the Israelite Prophetess
In Deborah's story, we find a Canaanite and an Israelite woman pitted against each other. The unnamed Canaanite woman, probably a high priestess of the goddess who became known as Europa in later times, would have wielded a lot of influence as the mother of Sisera. Sisera was the commander of the armies of the Canaanite city-state federation. Having sought the blessing of the goddess of war through his mother the priestess, he engaged with the Israelite army, confident of victory.  The prophetess and judge Deborah, a 'mother of Israel', had rallied the leader Barak to put together a small army to liberate Israel from Canaanite oppression. To Sisera, victory seemed certain. But the huge Canaanite army with their technological advantage was no match against the powerful Lord Protector and God of Israel, who inspired Deborah and Barak to carry out a brilliant campaign utilising geographical elements and the weather. Sisera's heavy ironclad chariots were rendered useless in the heavy thunderstorms that broke out over his head, causing the river to overflow with  mud and debris. Sisera's chariots and horses were sucked into the mud. Deborah and Barak sang in their victory song:

"The mother of Sisera looked through the window,
And cried out through the lattice,
"Why is his chariot SO long in coming?
Why tarries the clatter of his chariots?

Her wisest ladies answered her,
Yes, she answered herself,
'Are they not finding and dividing the spoil:
To every man a girl OR two,
For Sisera, plunder of dyed garments,
Plunder of garments embroidered and dyed,
Two pieces of dyed embroidery for the neck of the looter?'

However, the tribute wasn't delayed because of the bountiful spoils of war, but because the Canaanite armies had been defeated. Their god of rain and storms had been of no use, and the goddess of war's wait at her window was to be a futile one.

Queen Jezebel in the Window
The second Biblical story of a woman at the window took place centuries later. Jezebel was the Phoenician wife of Ahab, King of Israel. An influential royal priestess of the Phoenician Queen of Heaven, we find her painting her eyes and putting on the diadem of the goddess before ritually showing herself at the window to await a tribute that never came. Read her story here. One shouldn't mess with the God of Israel. Jezebel came to a sticky end as she was thrown from her window, trampled under horses' hooves and finished off by the palace dogs who only left her skull, her feet and the palms of her hands. So that was the second goddess at the window.

A quick explanation: ancient religions were built around a recurring story of war, death, fertility and rebirth involving a male and a female deity, who were seen as two aspects of the same god.
...the goddess Anat, the Warrior Maiden, who heroically (and violently) rescues Baal from the God of Death.  In the process, she saves the world from dying, since Baal is a Storm God, the God of Rain, who was in that arid land the God of Fertility. To the modern ear, these characters seem like gender reversals. The female goddess is the warrior and the male god brings fertility. (emphasis mine) Source
The demoralising blow by seeing both god and goddess vanquished in battle against the God of Israel would have had a devastating effect on Canaanite and later Phoenician society.

The Woman In The Window at the United Nations
But today she has decided to give it a third try. In 1950, she was getting ready to take her place by the open window once again, this time at the United Nations Security Council chamber in New York. It is the room where wars are voted on. With a grand gesture, she is opening the shutters of her window as if to get ready for her appearance. Per Krohg, the artist who painted the mural, explained:
"The world we see in the foreground is collapsing, while the new world based on clarity and harmony can be built up."
An infamous dictator once wrote similar words before plunging the world into chaos:
"From the tears of war the daily bread of our future generations will grow"
His name was Adolf Hitler. You can read it in the opening paragraph of his book 'Mein Kampf'.

Is Europa preparing for war again?
Now fast forward to the 4th of April 2017. Europa has taken her place in the window again, and has made sure that she can be seen and handled by all the people of her continent as her banknotes pass through our hands. The ECB has created a glossy clip to show her to her best advantage:

Europa sitting in her portrait window on the Euro note

More detail in this 'Illuminating' clip
Ominous Signs
Is Europa preparing for war again? Does she want to give her blessing to another religious war? The signs are ominous.
With last Saturday's "Rome Declaration", the EU has declared its commitment to an offensive global policy, including an intensified militarization, as was demanded by Berlin. In the coming years, the Union must play a key role in the world...

German government advisors are vigorously demanding that the militarization decisions already taken, be rapidly implemented...

The Bundeswehr could also integrate troops from other EU countries to form "a sort of Europe Division"...  Source: German Foreign   (Bold emphases mine)
Her name today is Gaia, but is she real?
Why should we pay attention to any symbolism related to the earth goddess? I believe we should always take notice of the belief system of the people who have the power to change our world. Too many people in high places worship the earth goddess who today goes by the name of Gaia. Her siren call consists of environmentalism, global warming, CO2 reduction, raising everyone's consciousness into hers and becoming one with her spirit. You may laugh at a religion like this, but people like Prince Charles, Bill Gates, Ban Ki Moon, Pope Francis and many other influential leaders don't. While te ancient goddess was revered with incantations and offerings, today's Gaia wants to be worshipped through modern means: with technology, transhumanism, digital advances and social engineering through the Global Citizen movement.

Conclusion: watch the stealthy evolution of the modern syncretistic Gaia movement - it is behind a lot of developments we see in the world today. Gaia herself may be a figment of their imagination, but the movement certainly isn't. Meanwhile, her followers would do well to remember that their goddess has bitten the dust twice before. It is never a good idea to pick a fight with the Lord God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the Owner and Creator of heaven and earth.

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