Sunday, 9 April 2017

True or False? You Tell Me

This week's post will have to be a quick one. Domestic issues demand all of my attention at the moment, so why don't I provide a shortlist of links with a common theme for my readers to connect the dots for themselves.

The Secret Language of the Blue Goddess
I am currently researching a syncretistic movement which is driving a small handful of elitists. By sneakily enmeshing themselves with the organisations that are supposed to regulate society, they are steadily working towards imposing their vile world religion of slavery on us. And in true Orwellian 1984 style, they have devised a newspeak language to deceive us into thinking that their aims are acceptable, yes even praiseworthy. Thus, 'sustainable development' is their way of saying "We need fewer people on the earth". 'Smart cities' are really stupid cities of slavery and forced labour, while 'freedom of religion' is really freedom for THEM to impose their evil plans on us. Christianity has become 'the dark side' while 'enlightenment' is their double blinkered triple-blindfolded view of  their 'higher' purpose, which I would call the lowest of the low. Invert their language and you'll discover what they are really talking about.

Their religion goes by the name of Gaia, the blue goddess of the earth. They want mankind to become tuned in with her and to become one, through any means available: 'ecumenical' movements, hypnotic techniques, transhumanism, developing a 'beehive' mentality, drugs and cannabis - the list goes on. Mankind has no value: man must be made to serve the earth goddess.

Gaia's Global Tentacles
The United Nations is driving force behind governments, religions, education, welfare programmes, corporations and much more. They want to have their tentacles into every aspect of our lives, and they are almost there. Global Citizen is one expression of their plans for world dominance, but a closer look at the UN will reveal much more. A Global Digital Identity will unlock direct access to our lives, and their UN Charter will be the oath and false commandments by which their covenant of evil will become reality for everyone. It is at the UN that we find the holiest of holy, the inner sanctum of their idolatry: the so-called Meditation Room with its coffin shaped altar.

True or False? Find out in five steps
So here is the list for your own personal research. Do talk about this to your friends, family, neighbours and colleagues. Mention it to fellow church goers, bring it up in waiting rooms, engage with people around you.

1. Joan Veon: The United Nation's Shocking Millennium Agenda


2. A false covenant: The Earth Charter and the Ark of the Covenant
Earth Charter Website: glossy and convincing

3. The Millennium Messiah

4. What happens at the Cathedral of St John the Divine  and:

5. A mysterious altar inside the United nations building.

Puppets of Evil
There are many obscure religions around the world, with divergent views and beliefs. But none of these enjoy the support of global leaders with enough power behind the scenes to radically change our world and turn it upside down. People like Prince Charles, Bill Clinton, George Soros, Al Gore, Pope Francis, the Dalai Lama to name just a few. The influence wielded by these puppets of evil should make us pay close attention to a minority religion of  earth worship with major future impact.

I hope these links will stir you into enough disbelief to want to prove the opposite. Because it would be nice if this coming nightmare is only a figment of my imagination.

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