Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Bad Ass Women

Today is International Women's Day. Congratulations, ladies, this is the day you can claim your rights under various social charters. So on this happy day, I have decided to treat myself to a little rant.

Go Topless Day
The Global Citizen organisation loves to celebrate women's rights. For female Global Citizens, the feasting never seems to end. Apart from International Women's day, they also keep Women's Equality day on 26 August: "Here's how Badass Women are being honored".
But wait, there is so much more honour being heaped on women: August 28 is also known as Go Topless Day. The ideal day to burn your bra and proudly display your best assets.

The Communist Roots of Women's Day
Source: London South Bank University
Just pop over to this search result on the Global Citizen website and see how much attention is being lavished on their women. In the list you'll find an article outlining the history of today's International Women's Day, but there seems to be a glaring omission in it. Much is made of its origin when the Socialist Party of America organised its first Women's Day in 1909, but a huge chunk of history has been left out.

Women's Day became better known from 1917 onwards, when Russia's textile workers marched in protest to win the right to vote, which resulted in the Russian Revolution only one week later. This victory has been celebrated by various communist and socialist regimes and organisations ever since until it got adopted by the United Nations. And here we are today, with Global Citizen's glossy projects pledging to bring equality and inclusion to the whole world with the help of a flashing of bare breasts and a call to enforce gender issues.

Where are the loyal and talented women today?
What a shame. Because women have lost so many rights in the modern world: they have lost the right to a lord protector, the right to be loved, cherished, valued and provided for. They have lost the knowledge of what it is like to grow and develop in the secure setting of a covenanted family. How many women still have the benefit of a male close relative looking out for their interests? How many of us have a husband, father, grandfather or adult son under whose protective wings we can function optimally? And where are the men who have their confidence strengthened and their leadership skills appreciated by loyal and talented women in their lives?

My personal rant
If this sounds like a rant, that’s because it is. A very personal rant. Because I once had a 50/50 marriage with my own business and my own money. I was an independent modern woman, but after only a few years I had arrived at the point where I was going to lose it all. My husband and I had nothing in common any more – he had his work, his life and his personal goals while I had mine. Our marriage was falling apart. An appointment with a divorce lawyer was made. During that time I happened to be researching the difference between regular business contracts and covenants. And then it hit me: our marriage was not just a contract, it was a covenant. We were not fulfilling our roles within the special marriage covenant, which was causing all of our unhappiness. So we decided we would try this covenant style of relationship for 6 weeks. We had nothing to lose: the divorce lawyer was all set to go into action.

As soon as we settled into our roles from a covenant point of view, everything fell into place. For the first time, we felt complete as individuals and as a couple. I like to call it a 100/100 marriage now. In later years, we shared our experiences with one or two other couples, and their marriages were saved as well. Read how covenant relationships work in practice here. More about women's rights under a covenant here.

I wish we could celebrate a Covenant Day for Women. Because women’s rights under the caring wings of a responsible husband are far better than any bare breasted liberation promised under a Global Citizen United Nations Communist Charter.

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