Wednesday, 5 July 2017

4th of July: Treasure Your Sovereignty

Most of my readers are American, so I would like to wish them a happy Independence Day. May you treasure your sovereignty and hold it dear to your heart. May you understand what true sovereignty is, and may God grant you His protection to enjoy your covenant relationship with Him, and may you lovingly nurture the covenanted relationship you have with the loved ones under your own wings.

Furthermore, may God grant you true justice, both as a sovereign  lord in your own house as well as a servant under His wings of loving kindness.

Perhaps today is a good day to spend some time researching what true independence as a household or a nation under God really means. You might like to start here:

The Two Covenants
What Is A Sovereign Citizen?

And if you are a Bible reader, today is a good day to research the Hebrew words 'chesed' and 'racham': covenant loyalty and compassion (grace). And share it with your family.

Another Bible study tip: 'kanaph': the wings (corners or sleeves of a lordly robe) of a lord. Discover what its symbolism really means.

Online concordance

An eagle spreading her wings over her young

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