Friday, 7 July 2017

The Hamburg G20 Global Citizen Festival

I haven't seen this before: all the big media working together to plug the Global Citizen Festival, right on the eve of the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany. "How wonderful that protests can be as peaceful as this," gushed the ZDF presenter as famous bodies gyrated on the circular red podium behind him. The next clip showed Angela Merkel in a matching red jacket walking the red carpet as she entered the Hamburger Messe, the 'network for the world'. So much red - the colour of false religion, the colour of danger, the colour of the communitarian agenda for global dictatorship.

The Lie
The Global Citizen movement holds a dangerous sway over our lovely young people. Drawing them in to the corporate agenda to bring vaccines into every corner of the globe, they are deceived into paving the way to complete the ID2020 and ID2030 programme, which will ultimately bind everyone into the digital slavery of the Internet of Everything. The lie goes like this: "vaccines save lives, and the soon to come global digital financial identity will end poverty". Except that the United Nations'  ID2020 is never mentioned.

The Women
Oh and by the way, 'inequality' simply means: women (real women or 'doctored' women) are easily manipulated through their softer side, so we need them to carry our movement. Men are too strong and too protective of  their families and of the status quo. The elite doesn't want real men around. Real men would only get in their way.

Twittering mantras
Global Citizen is like a religious sect, with priests and priestesses, communion and a vow of loyalty. Its music and sermons whip up the young crowd into mouthing the globalist agenda, twittering their mantras of ending poverty, disease and inequality while the god of the United Nations benignly looks on from a distance.

All over the German news
This is the first time I have seen a concerted effort to spread the message through Germany's media. Just a few examples:

Hamburg feiert das "Global Citizen Festival"
Coldplay gratis - für engagierte Weltbürger
Coldplay und Co.: Eintrittskarte gegen Engagement

Global Citizen comes to Hamburg on eve of G20 summit

Let's hope that enough people wake up to see what is really going on here.

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