Monday, 26 March 2018

Communism and the Civil Rights Movement

Take a good look at the Global Citizen movement with its emphasis on feminism, fighting poverty and promoting equal rights. Next, read the book "The Circle" or watch the movie. Compare these with the  United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Notice the pattern. Now you're ready to listen to this G. Edward Griffin interview: 

How the Civil Rights Movement Was Used to Promote Goals of Communism

G. Edward Griffin describes how he learned about communist theory and strategy by reading communist books.

He explains that Marxism is mostly about social and political theory, while Leninism is about overthrowing governments and coming to power. The first step in a communist-style revolution is to create discord between factions in the nation to be taken over. Lenin taught that a culturally unified nation is difficult to topple, so the first step is to fracture the culture and divide the people into antagonistic groups, leading to hatred, and violence. The nation must be divided into opposing classes, races, religions, or any other classification that might offer the best chance of creating conflict. Communists describe this strategy as a “war of national liberation” on the assertion that the minority group is oppressed by the majority and must be ‘liberated’ by communism. 

The Communist Party USA meticulously followed this strategy during the rise of the civil rights movement, but not one person in a thousand had any idea who was directing the movement – or why.  They could not imagine that the cry for civil rights was being used, not to protect the civil rights of black Americans, but to exploit black Americans (and most white Americans as well) into supporting a movement that had as its sole purpose, to expand the power of government until, eventually, its power would be total.  Totalitarian government and communism are the same thing. –GEG

Full interview

The first three or four minutes of the recording are just introductory. The interview starts properly at the 6:00 point.

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