Tuesday, 31 October 2017

ID2020 and the Plague: how you can save yourself

I have come across some news about an outbreak of the bubonic plague outbreak in Madagascar. I immediately thought to myself: what if I wanted to pressurise all of mankind into accepting an ID tagged vaccine, how could I put this crisis to good use? Could this development be useful to the designers and actors of the ID2020 deception? Regardless whether this outbreak is man made or due to natural causes, how could it affect us all if it isn't contained? A quick internet roundup on the topic:

Nine African countries on alert after outbreak of bubonic plague in Madagscar nsnbc.me 

25 October 2017: Plague kills 124 in Madagascar; Cities most affected
Plague is endemic in Madagascar, but the outbreak that has caused 1,192 suspected cases since August is especially worrying because it started earlier in the season than usual and has hit urban rather than rural areas. 

In addition, two thirds of the cases are of the pneumonic plague, the deadliest form of the disease.

“The total number of cases (1,192) is already three times higher than the average annual total,” the National Office for Risk and Disaster Management said in a report on Wednesday. Reuters 

The disease can manifest itself in three ways: bubonic plague (Yersinia pestis bacteria in the lymph system), pneumonic plague (in the lungs) and septicaemic plague (in the blood vessels). The pneumonic plague has a mortality of about 90%.

Pneumonic Plague: Its potential for contagion, emergence of multiple antibiotic strains and possible use as a bioweapon makes the creation of an efficient plague vaccine an immediate priority. Researchgate.net: Plague Vaccines

The disease has a history of use in biological warfare dating back many centuries, and is considered a threat due ti its ease of culture and ability to remain in circulation among local rodents for a long period of time. The weaponised threat comes mainly in the form of pneumonic plague (infection by inhalation). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bioterrorism

Aerosolised Y. pestis, causing primary pneumonic plague, has been recognised by bioterrorism experts as having one of the highest potentials as a bioterrorism agent due to its extremely high mortality, its uptake into enzootic and epizootic animals as well as humans, and its ability to spread over a large area. emedicine.medscape.com

Some scholars have even suggested that the collapse of the Roman Empire may be linked to the spread of plague by Roman soldiers returning home from battle in the Persian Gulf in 165 AD.

... massive labour shortages due to high mortality rates sped up the development of many economic, social, and technical modernizations. It has even been considered a factor in the emergence of the Renaissance in the late 14th century... CDC.gov

Vitamin C can protect you against this deadly disease:
Dr Thomas E Levy on Bioterrorism and Vitamin C

How it works: Dr Suzanne Humphreys

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