Monday, 13 March 2017

The Internet of Things Explained

Dr. Katherine Albrecht is an expert on RFID technology and its implications. Her book Spychips is on my urgent reading list.

Rather than wait until I have finished ploughing through all the available information about RFIDs, biomarkers, tracking and tracing and the United Nations' plans for everyone to be 'included' in their plans for a Digital Financial Identity for us all, I prefer to share this background from Katherine Albrecht's interview right now. A few quotes:

13:10 IBM won the contract for national ID cards in England.

13:40 ... future plans of all of the major corporations and governments for RFID is ... a world in which every move is tracked.

She also notes that these leaders' big frustration seems to be how to get people to accept these devices. I agree with her: all their communications exude a sense of despair and frustration, especially now that they can see a groundswell of people becoming more informed and vocal about the excesses and power grabs of governments and corporations. These are nail biting times for our elite - will they or won't they get us all chipped before we realise what is happening?

The YouTube clip below is from 2014. It is still very relevant today. Her latest findings are on the Katherine Albrecht Show.

Let's all join hands to bring their plans into the open. Be critical. Be informed. And don't be deceived.


"A world in which every move is tracked"

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