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March for Science: How You Were Duped... Again

April 22 Earth Day. We all love Mother Earth and want to respect her. Don't we? However, under this banner we are deceived and lied to yet again. Bow down to her, you Global Citizens, worship her who must be glorified with your consciousness and your hard labour.

April 22 March For Science. Science is marvellous - we have been to the moon and back, and the technological inventions that came with that remarkable feat now grace our homes: cling film, microwaves, Teflon frying pans, freeze dried food, scratchless lenses... the list goes on and on. We are so grateful for science, let's march for it. And let's march on the day that is holy, set aside, for Gaia, whose consciousness we must reach out to through all means devised for us by Science.

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There is that black and red house style again

And so, on the day that is so important to that small core of the elite who fervently believe in Gaia, the mother goddess with whom they want to be unified through transhumanism, Artificial Intelligence, merging all of mankind's brains with hers in a covenant of evil, becoming one with her, on this day they want us to join them in their worship, but here's the hypocrisy of it all: we must be deceived so that we worship her WITHOUT BEING CONSCIOUS OF IT. What an utterly foolish religion.

The very same people who are spraying our skies with chemicals, heavy metals and other poisons combined with radiation are praying to their goddess for an earth free of toxins. The people who are killing our oceans with their state-of-the-art military ordnance with its radiation and depleted uranium look to her for clean water, teeming with life again. The CEOs of pharmaceutical and agricultural behemoths who foist GMO food and toxic vaccines on us beseech her for wholesomeness. Where is their common sense? This is how they pray: Earth Day/Ishtar/Gaia prayer: April 22 celebrating with our mother Gaia

April 22 Cannabis Day There is a reason why they chose this day to advertise a drug that 'expands' the mind. Marijuana, cannabis and other psychedelic drugs remove our sense of self, blurring the lines between our own consciousness and the world around us. 'Measuring neuron activity has revealed that psychedelic drugs really do alter the state of the brain, creating a different kind of consciousness'. Source:

In a now banned TED talk, Graham Hancock explained how South American shamans use a concoction of mind enhancing drugs to reach out and become one with the mother goddess of earth. And here is another TED talk to persuade us that creating a distance from our conscious self is a good idea: How out of body experiences could transform yourself and society. Orwellian newspeak like this is popping up all over the place now. It should serve as a red light warning to anyone who cherishes full possession of their faculties.

See also:  Elon Musk Launches Neuralink Venture - merge human brain with Artificial Intelligence

National Cannabis Day has its own Cannabis Day Festival just like the Global Citizen movement. Oh look, there is the red and black colour scheme again with the red ring:

National Cannabis Festival
The similarities between Global Citizen and Earth Day celebrations are no coincidence. The two organisations are closely connected through their philosophies and intentional deception of the Millennial generation. Take the Global Citizen and Earth Day 2015 celebrations for example: Earth Day Network's Kathleen Rogers and Global Citizen CEO Hugh Evans share the limelight on the black and red stage to talk about (here we go again): thanking our corporate sponsors... transform this world ... we can build an unstoppable movement of global citizens ... We find Ernest Moniz, then US Secretary of State, gushing: "Industrial, military, religious leaders coming together to recognise what we have to do. we want all of you to be our climate warriors this year..."

 Pope Francis is very much into this Earth Day worship too: 

Source: Earth Day 2020 Prospectus Vision for Change
On 22 April 2017,  Vatican radio reported:
Pope Francis has appealed to mankind not manipulate or exploit the planet.
Speaking at the end of the weekly General Audience in St. Peter’s Square the Pope noted that on April 22 we celebrate Earth Day.
“I exhort everyone to see the world through the eyes of God the Creator: the earth is an environment to be safeguarded, a garden to be cultivated” he said.
Francis continued: “The relationship of mankind with nature must not be conducted with greed, manipulation and exploitation, but it must conserve the divine harmony that exists between creatures and Creation within the logic of respect and care, so it can be put to the service of our brothers, also of future generations”.
I could go on and on, but these examples clearly show that April 22 is a key date for a certain group of people who are infiltrating our organisations, our governments and even our minds with their drive towards a covenant of evil with the mother goddess of deception. Don't fall for her. And don't fall for her deceptions.

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