Wednesday, 26 April 2017

The Religion of Global Warming

The year 1970 was a big year for me. It was the first time I went to secondary school. Intimidated by the venerable lyceum's marble stairway and woodblock flooring, I made my way to my first lesson: biology. This classroom was situated at the very end of the right wing of the building. Its corner windows let in bright beams of sunlight, illuminating a large poster on the wall opposite: 1970 was the Year of Nature: N70. It was the inauguration of the first Earth Day, and the indoctrination about our climate had begun.

A marriage of environment and religion
Little did I know that behind the scenes, the wheels of The United Nations and her offshoots had started to turn, gradually taking the world down the dual tracks of environmental issues and religion. Yes, you read that right, the two have been intentionally and purposely closely interconnected from the very start:
Environmentalism and religion are indelibly linked. At times this connection is subtle, such as when it's clothed in the often-bureaucratic language of sustainable development. Other times the marriage is openly acknowledged.
The first Earth Day in 1970 provided an occasion within the churches for expression concerns over the environmental crisis. Religious involvement in this ecological awakening was substantial. Both the president and the general secretary of the National Council of Churches endorsed Earth Day in mailings to church leaders in March 1970; they also encouraged the observance of an Environmental Sabbath the weekend before" Source: World View Weekend
United Nations under every stone
Today, wherever I dig into controversial topics and dubious doings, I keep finding the United Nations behind them, including the Global Warming/Climate Change mantra. Here is the best explanation I have seen so far of the people who are involved in the 'global warming' or 'climate change' issue, and why they are on their particular bandwagon. Enjoy!

Climate Change: What Do Scientists Say?

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