Wednesday, 26 April 2017

The Story So Far: A Quick Overview

A Global Digital Financial ID
In my previous articles I have drawn attention to the philosophy of the Gaia religion and her followers with their evil plans for mankind. We saw the United Nations, big corporations, banks and the Vatican joining hands under the black and red banner of Global Citizen to draw us into their world - a world of ‘social and financial inclusion’ through a personal number: the Global Digital Financial Identity – inseparable from our bodies through nano technology, given to us at the point of vaccination. This number will give access to ‘services’ like food, water and shelter – IF we bow down and pay respect to her and become obedient and servile Global Citizens.

A quick overview of my most important articles so far:
  1. The Global Citizen movement: the Time + Fortune Global Forum at the Vatican in December 2016 provides us with a list of corporations and their plan of action: to harness and brainwash the Millennials into accessing all the corners of the earth with a view to bring vaccines to every global citizen.
  2. The Global Digital Financial Identity is the lynchpin: how do banks, corporations, governments and other entities plan to give us that number? Each has their own write-up with all the details.
  3. Entry Point: many have become alarmed at the health risks of vaccinations. Others are outraged at the elite's plans to depopulate the earth. But few are aware that vaccines have been given a more urgent and immediate role to play: that of Entry Point for the Global Digital Financial Identity.
  4. RFID microchips: surely no one will fall for that one. Who in their right mind would agree to having a cumbersome and expensive device implanted in their hand through a painful procedure? Rest assured that it is not going to happen that way. Instead, new laws, the latest nano technology and big finance are brought together to make us receive this Global Identity.
  5. The earth goddess has her 'favourite things': the scarlet ring, her own Earth Day and other festivals.
  6. She doesn't want us to know about her past - she has a few skeletons in the closet and she likes to keep them them in the dark.
  7. The Gaia philosophy is based on an ancient system of covenants, but she has turned this originally benevolent system of government on its head. Her covenant of evil looks like an upside down tree with its black roots crying blasphemies to heaven.
Note: I believe that Lucifer/Satan and Gaia are interchangeable. This dark and genderless spirit has shown itself under many different guises through the ages. The ancients recognised that various deities of different genders were expressions of the same invisible entity. We know from the Bible that he was a murderer and liar from the beginning.

My next investigation: Prince Charles and his secret garden
I started this blog exactly two months ago. A lot of puzzle pieces have fallen into place, but I still have more questions: if every religion has its high priests or priestesses, then who are the top people in the Gaia movement? Or who has aspirations to become Gaia's High Priest or Priestess? So I picked a random name from my list of  movers and shakers who are into issues of 'the environment', 'charity', 'spiritualism' and 'faith'. At first I thought of Tony Blair, but then my eye caught Prince Charles and his beliefs.  In my next article entitled 'The Prince's Secret Garden' I will reveal what I found.

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