Sunday, 14 May 2017

A Secret in Plain View: 'The Circle'

There has been a little break in my reporting, but here is one item I need to share with you without delay: a new movie called The Circle. If you have read the other posts on this blog, it will make you sit bolt upright. I am going to see the movie tomorrow, but the trailer is telling enough.

Symbolisms of 'The Circle'
From the blue goddess called Europa to the symbol of the red circle and the film script, the whole Global Citizen movement with its 'connectivity' technology, its festivals and its TED-like propaganda, the whole Global Citizen deception is laid out for us in clear language. I am only showing you a quick preview here, but I hope to explain more about the movie after I have watched it for myself.

First, the trailer:

And here are the symbols that should look very familiar to you by now:

The goddess of the new religion for Global Citizens

Social engineering to draw in young technological Millennials. Note the language.

TED-like talks to woo young techies and prosetelyse for the new philosophy
Connectivity: a beehive consciousness with the brain connected to supercomputers through biosensors

A few soundbites from the trailer: what do they mean?

“I am a believer in the perfectability of human beings.”

"At the Circle, we can finally realise our potential" They want all of mankind to become one with a sentient earth, offering our joined beehive consciousness to her through transhumanism, drugs and hypnotic technology. They call it connectivity: where all living beings become one with ‘Mother Earth’, the goddess who goes by the name Europa and other names.

“Needs of the society or needs of the individual?”  “Should be the same” This is in reality the communitarian deception of sacrificing personal wellbeing for a so-called higher plan.

"What are you the most scared of?" "Unfulfilled potential" By this, they don't mean our true human potential but their false belief of finding potential in the goddess of deception. They think it is the way to become gods with and within her.

"At The Circle, there isn’t a problem that we cannot solve. We can cure any disease, we can end hunger, without secrets, without the hoarding of information, we can finally realise our potential"  Behold the arrogance of the elite who are working in secret to foist their belief system on us.

“We care about everybody you care about” “Do you like to share? Sharing is caring” “Secrets are lies” Orwellian newspeak for dictatorial and oppressive social engineering and social control. 

We will see it all. Because knowing is good, but knowing everything is better. The 'all seeing eye' is often mentioned in relation to Luciferianism. The elite has been deceived into thinking they can become like God the Father who sees everything.

“The Circle has the power to change everything.” Maybe for a short while, but they are in rebellion against a higher God. Like the goddess in the window, they will find out the hard way.

Is anyone paying any attention to the danger of the symbolic Red Ring? One movie critic asked some intelligent questions: why has a group of very talented actors, a skilful director and clever editors produced such a bland and boring movie? Why was a film with such famous names in its credits released with as little fanfare as they could get away with? 

The answer is simple: the elite who are behind the detailed planning of the Global Citizen movement with its future technological beehive connectivity to the goddess of deception want to announce their plans beforehand. Is it because they want to claim that the gods allowed it because no one stopped them? Is it blatant arrogance? 

From the website "'The Circle' is a gripping modern thriller set in the not-too-distant future" (emphasis mine)

I wish more websites and blogs would speak up. Meanwhile, please share this site and talk about it to your family, friends, colleagues and anyone else in your social circle.

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