Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Looting The Poor with ID2020

Two days ago, I made the mistake of reading through the Institute of International Finance’s report entitled “The Business of Financial Inclusion: Insights from Banks inEmerging Markets” before going to sleep, but my outrage over what I had read kept me awake, so I got up again and wrote the post entitled “I think we have a new playing field” in the middle of the night.

Taking candy from the children
Two days later and I am still simmering. I am not done with the subject yet. I remembered the result of some research carried out by psychologists at the University of California Berkeley and the University of Toronto. They wanted to know if rich people’s behaviour was much different from those who are not so wealthy, and in particular how they behaved ethically. After analysing their experiments on people from different backgrounds, they were taken aback at the outcome:

… the extreme lengths to which wealth and upper rank status in society can shape patterns of self-interest and unethicality.

When given a jar of candy that they were told was for children in a nearby lab -- though they could take some if they wanted -- the richest people took more candy than anyone else.

"On average, people in the upper rank condition took two times as much (candy), so it was a pretty sizeable effect."

So it shouldn’t surprise us that bankers don’t hesitate to force poor people into debt for their own profit. Much worse than stealing sweets from children. It’s disgusting. But why now? And why the rush towards ID2020 and a cashless society?

Looting the West
Paul Craig Roberts , former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy for the Reagan administration came with an interesting observation:

The West has been looted.

Normally, in the past, when people find they have excessive debt, or governments have excessive debt they can’t service, the debt is written down to an amount that can be serviced. For example when Mexico couldn’t pay in the 1980s, the debt was written down. The US government came up with Brady Bonds which was a way of writing down debt.

But now that looting is completely unleashed, the rule is that if the government can’t pay, the Greek people have to pay. And the way they have to pay is to accept cuts in their public pensions, cuts in employment, lower wages, cuts in social services and they have to sell of their municipal water companies, the ports, the state lottery, the protected national islands and all of this money that is used to pay the private bankers that lent the Greek governments money that did not really benefit the Greek people very much, but it benefited the foreign recipients [inaudible] such as the purchase of German submarines

So this is a looting process. It’s a way that the colonialists looted the colonies, and Africa and Asia and now what we see is that the West is looting itself – Ireland, Iceland (that failed), Greece, Italy and Spain … Portugal has been looted and this all happens because the people accept it.

This reminded me of these ancient words:

They have teeth like swords
and fangs like knives.
They devour the poor from the earth
and the needy from among humanity.

Brimming with confidence while the system collapses
The independent media are currently rightly worried about the impending collapse of pensions, the popping of various bubbles like housing, car loans and student loans and the insanity of the stock markets as they race pell-mell and headlong towards the cliff. Will the dollar collapse or will it rise against other currencies while losing value against precious metals? I am not even going to pretend I am a financial know-it-all, but if there is one thing that is making me sit up and pay attention, then it is the brimming confidence of the banks as they are in the process of putting everything into place for ID2020 in a cashless society: a new system that promises mountains of gold for the banks and big corporations.

The yoke of 'customer comfort'
And all we hear is the same mantra over and over again: ending poverty, financial inclusion for every global citizen by 2030, access to financial ‘services’ but as we can see in the banks’ own strategic planning, there is no sign of altruistic sentiment or even a smidgeon of humanity in the way they prepare to fleece the poor under a yoke of so-called ‘customer comfort’.

Gang of Four
The biometric ID2020 is being brought to us by three groups, perhaps four:

-         governments with their hunger for power and fear of losing control, represented by the United Nations. Under the guise of ending poverty and disease, vaccinations are pushed as the Entry Point for the digital financial identity
-         the ‘merchants of the earth’: greedy big corporations and their gaggle of ‘charities’. Media corporations to lie to us, biotech giants to develop biosensor technology, big pharma to create disease as well as the vaccines to treat them and so on
-         and perhaps the most voracious of them all: the banks. Central banks, national banks, financial institutions together with their enablers and minions
-         and finally, a party I have not looked at in detail yet, but will in due course: the Vatican, aiming to represent all the major religions and gather the world under her bird of prey wings

Through lies, deceit and faits accomplis they bully their way towards a nightmare of a world in which the poor and needy are trampled on and looted of what little they have. You can tell I’m pretty angry at the moment. The more I read their own documents, the more it makes my blood boil.

So what can we do?
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Two things. First, break the secrecy. Negative public awareness campaigns are the bane of the banks, and they are willing to dig deep into their pockets to think of ways to build trust with the customer, as you can see from the Institute of International Finance’s report. Documents like these need to be spread, and information and warnings about the ID2020 project needs to be disseminated. 

Secondly, and most importantly, build the family unit: men and women working together to strengthen this important cornerstone of society, with sovereign men taking the lead to care for their families, protecting them and providing for them (if this system still allows them), supported by strong women who refuse to be duped and deceived.

Perhaps we can channel our anger into building something enduring that will last for generations as an antidote to all the godless anarchy we see unfolding.


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