Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Grenfell Tower Survivors: "Biometrics will be retained"

Was the Grenfell Tower fire a happy coincidence for the pushers of biometrics? 

UKColumn has done some fine reporting on the different aspects of governments involvement in this tragic disaster. From health and safety to building regulations and housing - from the value of the land to the government's push for so-called gentrification and on to the misappropriation of public donations - the list of questionable practices and injustices just goes on and on. But I was very surprised to see the unholy specter of biometrics raise its ugly horns in the black shadows of the burnt out tower.

Housing for DNA
Survivors of the fire have been offered a Faustian deal by Theresa May: give us your DNA and we will rehouse you in salubrious accommodation. Here we see another application of targeting refugees to trial the ID2020 project - the biometric version, that is. Except that DNA doesn't really come under biometrics: biometrics only involves measurable parts of the human body like one's face, fingerprints, irises, temperature, heart rate and so on. DNA needs to be analysed in a lab and cannot be instantly accessed, which makes it different. But that doesn't make the instigators of ID2020 any less interested in it, as I explained in my last post Google's Search for the Missing Link. Especially when whole families need to be tracked down.

Please watch this short video and check out the documentation:

The original government document can be found here. This brief excerpt explains all: (bold emphasis mine)
UK Home Office
Grenfell Tower Immigration Cases
Guidance on handling cases involving survivors and other individuals directly affected by the fire
Biometric enrolment :- All persons and any dependants considered under this policy will need to enrol their biometrics. No charge will be made for this. The results of the biometric checks will be used to determine whether the individual falls to be excluded from consideration under this policy. 
Biometrics will be retained. 

Home Office staff will notify the individual of the location where biometrics can be provided.
This is usually the local post office and Home Office staff will provide the person with an acknowledgement letter confirming that they have accepted an invitation to be considered under this policy.
And in true Faustian style, the offer lasts only until the 31st of August: 
This guidance is intended as a short term policy to provide support and stability while those affected deal with circumstances related to the immediate aftermath of the fire. It will be reviewed 1 month after publication and it will cease to apply on 31 August 2017. 
Think before you cheer
Final thought: in case you are someone who has become so upset to see our way of life being compromised by the huge influx of migrants that you would welcome chipping every migrant in sight, think again. Those cheering the biometric/biochip movement for refugees will soon come to regret their enthusiasm when it is THEIR turn to roll up  sleeve to receive a fake goverment-mandated ID.

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