Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Katherine Albrecht explains RFID technology

What would happen if we all had an RFID device with a unique number that gave the state and commercial businesses access to a database with all our records? Katherine Albrecht explains
  • how RFID tags work
  • the health risks of RFID tags
  • the powerful companies and their lobbies behind it
  • what happened when US passports were fitted with RFID tags
  • why China added RFID tags to citizen's ID in Chengdu
and more. Watch her 2010 presentation here, and don't forget the browse the rest of this blog for an update on the developments since 2010.

Tumours, Tracking, and Tyranny: The Downside to Implantable Microchip

Katherine mentions the following websites in her presentation:

The Porvoo Group
More about Porvoo's 'identity management' in smart cities on eu-forum.org:
"Fascilitating and participating in EU/UK-Cina smart city cooperation"
Next, IBM Person Tracking. From their long list of tracking applications, I selected this example where tracking & tracing is combined with the Internet of Things (IoT), wifi and satellites:

More about IBM's view on the Internet of Things here.

Katherine also mentioned databases. With GS1 you can check a barcode number and identify the product. Just scroll down this page and follow the instructions under the 'searching' tab.

Her website is www.katherinealbrecht.com/

We don't consent
Finally, Katherine shows us what can be done if we don't accept the inevitable but raise our voices and let everyone know that we don't agree with the way governments, companies and institutions steal our data for their own profit and nefarious purposes. By not consenting and doing so publicly we can hamper and waylay their efforts to own us through our data.

I would urge you to share this information as much as possible. Talk about it, tweet it, post it on websites and social media, hold officials accountable and lodge complaints. And help me get this blog advertised because google is not showing it in any search results. Mentioning this site on disqus will get your posts removed. So do what you can to spread the word: this world is being transformed in front of our eyes where we will be tagged and processed like cattle. Let's not cooperate by staying silent.

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