Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Taking the Global Citizen Oath

Is an ancient feudal system being prepared for us? Are secret agents setting up a suffocating life of slavery for us? Are these cruel ancient roots being revived with the addition of modern technology?

The oath: a solemn promise of loyalty
Today, our modern language still holds many remnants of ancient covenants. "I do," say the bride and bridegroom as they enter into a bonded relationship called a marriage covenant. They give their vows to each other, their true pledge of faithfulness. Civil servants and ministers have their oath of office. Kings swear to uphold the law and serve their people, while whole cabinets swear their allegiance to the king in return. In ancient times, lords and their vassals swore loyalty to each other: the lord to "shelter and protect", the vassal to "help and advise". According to Jim Willie, Angela Merkel pledged Germany's allegiance to the victors of WWII according to this ancient custom. Perhaps operation 'Overlord' was aptly named.

The oath marks the exact moment of entering into a covenant
The oath marks the moment of joining into a covenant between a senior and one or more juniors. "I will" is an older English form of this oath or pledge. It is a solemn promise of loyalty. From the moment these two words are spoken, the new relationship goes into effect: the senior provides and protects while the junior obeys or yields and works to achieve his or her lord's goals. The Hebrew word for 'servant', the junior in a covenant, is 'abad' - builder. A builder of the lord's fiefdom.

United Nations behaving in a feudal manner
Seen from a covenant point of view, we can see that the United Nations is behaving in the ancient feudal way of lording it over nations. It promises to provide (end poverty) and protect through its vaccines, armies and equal rights. So does the UN have an oath of loyalty? Is anyone going to be expected to pledge "I will" in servitude to its goals and objectives? The answer is: yes.

The lie: pledging to build a better world together
But first, the seventeen goals, also knows as SDGs or Sustainable Development Goals which describe the actions to be pledged. Because ancient feudal systems are based on work and servitude, clear cut rights and duties, not on conceptual principles. In this case, the UN rights and duties are totally twisted and skewed: the 'overlord' of the UN claims all the rights while there are only duties to be carried out by the slaves. Slaves will have no rights under this system of feudal technocracy. These 'global goals' dupe and deceive individuals into thinking they are pledging to build a better world together.

United Nations goals

UN organisations pushing the pledge
The UN has crafted a plethora of organisations to brainwash children, young people, adults and even organisations into a willingness to take an oath to become a Global Citizen and use their resources towards achieving these seventeen objectives so that the will of the UN may be done. The Global Citizen organisation I often highlight on this blog is only one of many. There is a Global Citizen stamping ground for business leaders, NGOs, banks, the old and the young - no one left behind, all included - as we can see from the following examples. And each one comes with a pledge for its vassals to work towards the goals as commanded in the UN's SDGs.

Step Up To Serve and its #iwill campaign is led by Prince Charles and governed by a batch of leaders from across UK society. There is also annual support from an Advisory Council.

In true Global Citizen style, children are being taught to take an oath for 'social action'. "If you start young you don't need to sell it", is their adage. Through "Step Up To Serve", they are being urged to take a vow in true feudal style. On this page is a long list of companies and organisations that have taken pledges already: iwill pledge

The Global Citizen organisation for young people is organised on a model of taking pledges for various causes. This system trains young people into taking pledges to be socially acceptable.

The Petition Site

The British Council's logo features prominently on this Indian school, and with it comes the following version of the Global Citizen Pledge:
I hereby pledge to live as a Global Citizen
throughout my life from this day forward.

I will strive for a deeper understanding of the root causes of
poverty and seek innovative means to address them.

I understand that my actions will have consequences that will have an impact on
other parts of the world as well as future generations.

I will take it upon myself to think critically about
the social and environmental consequences of my actions.

I will make purchases carefully, taking into account
the social and environmental factors of the creation
and transport of all consumer goods.

I will minimize the waste I produce and
make a positive impact on the environment.

I will build awareness about issues of social and environmental justice
in any and all communities that I am a par of.

In whatever field I find myself employed, I will do everything I can to ensure that
it adheres to the utmost standards of social and environmental consideration.

I understand that the only way to truly achieve lasting change
is to further develop a globally connected mindset
and engage those around me to foster fair, equal
and sustained partnerships with others in this world

For this reason I, as a Global Citizen, will strive to reach a deeper understanding of issues relevant to global poverty and act with compassion, serving as an advocate and activist for positive change in the world.
A Facebook page dedicated to The Pledge:

A test and a register for the oath on the blockchain!
On this page, we can see that a blockchain register has been set up to collect data on who has taken the Global Citizen pledge: (bold emphasis mine)
Our voluntary Global Citizenship Pledge program is now effective for blockchaining your data and pledge action! Use your Gmail or Google+ login to create your unique key for our database. Our pledge is an integral part of the Global Citizenship Registry and the process for developing you own identification documents.
Luis Cruz Dias from the Goodwill Ambassador Foundation writes a chilling comment on the same Facebook page:
Globcal International makes it possible for all Global citizens that are registered in the "Global Citizenship Registry" qualify to receive a great range of benefits, privileges, services, opportunities to connect with other globally minded and qualified individuals.
I am reminded of the way Bill Gates described access to food, water and shelter: 'services', he called them.
Anyone can qualify, but there is a test to become officially recognized as a good global citizen based on a number of factors relative to communicative abilities, social media skills, personal transparency, integrity, community, interests, and knowledge about world affairs.

Do check out the Globcal International organisation. they are builders for this soon to come feudal world - a system that will slowly suffocate the life out of everyone.

The Global Citizen oath and the Mark of the Beast?
Many Christians are worried about the 666 system as forewarned in the Bible. So far, we have seen the development of the RFID codes featuring the 666 code, and we are now on the cusp of a world ruled by the Internet of Everything administered on the blockchain through this RFID technology. Digital currencies look set to become the norm while cash seems to be disappearing - in this world, it will soon become impossible to buy or sell unless you have given your solemn promise to the system as a Global Citizen. Coincidentally, the word 'citizen' comes up as an exact 666 in Jewish gematria.

So what will be the Mark of the Beast? A mark is a visible distinguishing feature, something you can see. It is also a means of identification. So it is interesting to see the drive towards a Digital Financial Identity. The clues from the Bible are gradually coming together when we get a preview of sworn global citizens who have accepted being digitally tagged in their hands or on their foreheads.

Don't take the Global Citizen Pledge
Taking the Global Citizen vow will be the exact point when people enter into a covenant with this cruelly deceptive system of ownership. It will be a personal choice and a conscious decision. Wake up and educate yourself about what a true covenant really is. Only then will you be able to see through the lies. But it will be very difficult to make the right choice: it will be a choice of life and death. My advice is: don't take the oath to become a covenanted and bonded Global Citizen.

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  1. Thank you for this article that enlightens one to understand what is being done. It is despicable the insidiousness of all these actions which are masked as good but are no more than an evil trap.