Monday, 27 February 2017

Tom Sayer and the Global Citizens: how the deception works

Why is the Global Citizen movement such a success? What are its techniques to stir up such huge crowds who put all of their fervour into bringing change to the far outreaches of the world? And why are they not encouraged to invest in their local areas? What is going on here?

The Global Citizen Project is fiendishly clever in the way it manipulates a whole generation of millennials. The technique itself is an old one: make your target audience think that they need to put pressure on you to achieve what in reality was your goal all along.

Tom Sawyer's Garden Fence Project
Tom Sayer's aunt told him to paint the garden fence. It was the last thing Tom wanted - he wanted to join his friends and be out and about, enjoying adventure after adventure. Here is what happened:

Tom Sawyer's lesson: how to deceive others to work hard at YOUR goals

Global Citizen: a vehicle for big corporations
Global Citizen is a vehicle for big corporations, banks and government agencies to reach every citizen in the world - to harvest their data, to transform their behaviour, customs and habits into a way of life that serves these powerful organisations.

By persuading young impressionable millennials that 'poor people' need our liberal amoral western lifestyle, they can be stirred up through music, speeches, mass psychology and a new common identity to nag the corporate Tom Sawyers of this world to - please please - be allowed to paint their fences for them. 
"Bring vaccines with their autism, cancer and other immunity related damage to communities that have been spared so far!"
"Bring rural schools under the control of the corporations so that the next generation in small faraway locations can be brainwashed too!"
 "Give these independent and isolated farmers GMO seeds to 'fight poverty'!!" 
Global Citizens are tricked
The Millennial Global Citizens are deceived to spend their young and fervent energies on corporate objectives in stead of building their own communities. They waste their precious time and effort on this steady steamrolling movement to bring the whole world under control for an elite who don't have the world's best interest at heart. 

Don't be one of them.

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